Legacy DV4Mini Images are below. They work but are not the latest version of the software.

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10 Steps to having a Raspberry Pi working with the DV4Mini


Step 1:  Download the Win32DiskImager from above.

Step 2:  Downoad the image of your choice for the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 from above. Remember where you downloaded it on your PC.

Step 3:  Unzip the image and insert your microSD Card.

Step 4:  Open Win32DiskImager

Step 5:  Click "folder" box in Win32DiskImager and select the image you just downloaded from above.

Step 6:  Click "Write" and it will take 5-20 minutes to write the image to the card.

Step 7:  Once complete put microSD card into Raspberry Pi and power on.

Step 8:  Setup your network settings for your Pi, for example wired or wireless network.

Step 9:  The DV4Mini Control panel opens automatically on boot but you will need to enter your CCS7 ID and Location, freqency and mode.

Step 10: Once all above has been completed power cycle (unplug) your Pi and plug it back in and your should be set from now on.