Is the Alabama Link a Club?

Answer: No, we are simply a group of people or even a group of clubs who want a linked repeater system. This is a not for profit group that operates under the Trojan Radio Club call sign KT4ROY.

Who is KT4ROY?

Answer: If you see the call sign KT4ROY regardless of the mode you know you are on the Alabama Link in some way. It is the club call for the Trojan Amateur radio club that hosts the Alabama Link.

Who is K7PFJ?

Some of our linking is via RF, some bits of data gets left off so on some occasions you will see the call sign K7PFJ. That is a repeater/operator in Colorado. This usually happens if you are connected to the YSF reflector and hearing or talking to someone on the FCS Reflector.

Why don't I see call signs to and from the DSTAR-Link?

If you are in C4FM mode you will see DSTAR-LINK on your radio. If you are in DSTAR mode you will see the call sign KT4ROY and the message Fusion Link. If you are on DMR you will see 31010 or 3101099. This is just how it works for now.


Do I have to be in Alabama to join the Alabama Link?

Answer: No, we welcome everyone who treats others with respect. The link is based in Alabama and we hope to have a linked system across the state.


I am on the Alabama Link and I hear people transmitting but people can't hear my transmissions, what's wrong?

Answer: It is possible that your station was causing interference or other issues across the link, if that happens you can be muted or removed from the link. If this happens do not take it personally, we will work with you to help you as much as we can. In the end, if you contact us we usually can resolve the issue. Remember this is not one repeater or one radio it is many so we are all accountable for each other.


Why is the Wires-X Room 28933 offline?

Answer: From time to time computers and machines need to be rebooted, sometimes there is a power or internet outage, we are taking every step possible to make sure the machines are up to date and have good reliable backup power and lightning fast internet. If you contact us using the link above you will be kept up to date on everything going on.


What do I need to access or use the Alabama Link?

 Answer: There are many ways to access the link. First determine if you live in an area that has a Wires-X node (see the users on this site) or click here to see Yaesu's list of active nodes. If you live in an area with a node just simply tune to the frequency of that node and you are on the "link". If you aren't in an area with a node you can setup your own node using any radio with a 6 pin DIN port and purchasing an HRI-200. If you have a Yaesu Digital radio all you need to do is buy a Hot Spot and connect to one of the many reflectors we offer.


Do I have to buy a new radio?

Answer: If you are in an area that has an analog node you will most likely be able to use any amateur radio to access it. If the node in your area is Digital, and you want to access it, you will need a Yaesu System Fusion Radio.


What does digital offer that analog doesn't?

C4FM Digital Voice that is used on the Alabama Link is not only better quality than analog, our tests have also found that the signal will reach a longer distance than analog. There is a lot more to Digital than just voice. It offers text messaging, picture messaging and in the case of an emergency digital users GPS location is constantly transmitting which means even if someone that needed help had their HT battery die, you could still find them. Those are just some of the many advantages to digital.


What do I need to start a node?

If you want to start a Wires - X node you need the following equipment:


For a digital node you need a FTM-400 or FTM-100 Yaesu Radio. For an analog node any radio with a 6 pin Din connector for packet operation  usually works great.

HRI-200 Wires X interface box
Windows PC (XP or later OS)
Internet Connection
Power Supply for radio
Antenna for Radio
Coax for antenna for the radio­


For other modes there are numerous hot spot options. Follow this link to find out more.

Is this expensive?

This is like any hobby, you can spend a lot or a little.

Is this "open" to anyone?

Yes! We welcome everyone.


This will be updated frequently. 02/19/2018



We now have XLX256 for you to use. If you connect to XLX256-B you will be connected to the system. We are working on having a system that not only works well but has redundancy.

Peanut Added


Peanut for Android and Windows has been added to the Alabama Link System

and Peanut is available for the DigicomCafe and ALERT Alabama XRF334 B,C and J. To learn more go here

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